Colour wheel paint pour from above

Ittens Cube

2010, Paint, PVC, Chipboard, Lino
3000mm x 3000mm x 3000

Exhibited at the Bargehouse in London, The Town Hall in Weymouth, The Sculpture Park in Surrey, and the UCA.

Named after color theorist Johannes Itten, this massive 3D color wheel consisted of 13 PVC plinths arranged in a circle and paint poured over them.

Edwin Schofield Paint Pouring 2010
Paint Pouring Black Paint
Wet paint painting
Pink purple and red colour splatter
Paint pour floor
Finished colour wheel
Messy paint detail
Detail of colour Splatter
Edwin Schofield Paint Pouring 2010
Ed Schofield Artist
Edwin Schofield Artist
Pouring black paint
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